Council turns down opportunity to tackle Oxford's housing crisis

Labour councillors voted out a proposal calling for new council powers to end the council house sell off - the policy brought in by Thatcher that has lost councils huge numbers of council homes, which are much needed in our communities.

Green Party Councillor Sam Hollick (Holywell), who proposed the motion, said,

I'm disappointed with the council administration's lack of willpower to seriously tackle our housing crisis. Right to Buy is set to cost us 23 council homes this year alone - undermining the council's attempts to provide enough affordable housing, and pushing up house prices for everyone.

Cllr Hollick's motion called for using the powers of the Sustainable Communities Act to force government to the negotiating table on this issue. Labour councillors decided to amend this out of the motion, instead calling for a useless letter writing exercise - which they admit themselves will not make the government take this issue seriously.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Cllr Sam Hollick 07528 813185 [email protected]

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