Council lose £0.5m in parking fees

Joint Press Release: Green Group and LibDem Group
Green and LibDem Councillors on Oxford City Council have taken the unusual step of issuing a joint press statement to highlight the £0.5m loss in parking fee income to the Council as a result of the Westgate opening.
The Labour-run City Council controversially handed over running of the refurbished Westgate car park to the Westgate Partnership at a fixed, Inflation-linked, annual fee despite warnings that the Partnership could then undercut the City which  would undermine income from other car parks (as has happened). The latest loss is estimated at £490k per annum.
Says Green Group leader Cllr Craig Simmons "This is corporate welfare - a hidden subsidy to the Westgate at the expense of front line Council services. Labour ignored all warnings that this would happen."
Says Lib Dem Group Leader Andrew Gant "This is a double-whammy of failures by the Labour city council. Not only are they losing substantial amounts of income needed for front-line services, they are also encouraging car use in our congested city centre by allowing Westgate to use pricing to attract people to drive in. Our precious city centre is suffering at Labour’s hands"
Cllr Craig Simmons 07739803047
Cllr Andrew Gant 07545122560

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