COP21, The Paris Agreement and Oxford

Says Green Cllr Ruthi Brandt, shadow Environment Portfolio Holder, Oxford City Council speaking about the historic climate deal struck between 198 countries in Paris this weekend:

"The Paris Agreement is not the deal that the Greens dreamt about, but neither is it the nightmare we feared. Its implications are wide-reaching and will affect every person on the planet and generations to come, for better or for worse.

Every government will need to play its part if carbon emissions are to be reduced to the levels set out in the climate deal. Our roles as citizens is to make sure our governments keep to what they promise, and more. Unfortunately, the pledge to go 'net zero' in the latter half of the century will not ensure the rapid transition to 100% renewable energy that we need to avoid further climate chaos. Even so, we need to start now.

Even cities like Oxford, already active on climate change, will need to shift up a gear. We can, and should, demonstrate leadership by reducing our carbon emissions and sharing our experiences, for example, by heavily investing in locally owned renewable energy and setting tougher energy standards on new buildings. The Greens will continue to push the Council so that we play a full part in delivering on the aspirations set out in this historic agreement."

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