Christopher Manley, Green Party Candidate for Banbury Ruscote

Christopher_Manley.jpgChris Manley is Oxfordshire born and bred and has lived in Banbury for nearly a decade. He has been involved in campaigning on issues related to justice and environmental issues for over 15 years. He works as a Career Consultant at one of the UK’s leading universities.
Chris says, "I think that Banbury is a great place to live. The Green Party's commitment to the common good means that if I were elected, I would work hard to ensure that everyone in Ruscote feels part of the community. I want to make sure that services for everyone are supported and funded to provide an excellent level of service. I want a community in which everyone feels safe, and where there are genuine travel alternatives to car use. I want approaches to sustainability and reducing climate emissions which local people can take part in and feel proud of. 
The tired old parties attempt to fob us off with nineteenth century solutions to twenty-first century problems, and pretend that a few people becoming very wealthy somehow makes life better for everyone. Your vote can support a real alternative. From the environmental concerns at the heart of the Green Party have come workable alternative solutions, independently verified as affordable, which recognise that care for the environment and care for people must go hand in hand, and that they need to become central to how politics is done - regionally, locally and nationally."

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