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Chris Goodall is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
  • answered 2019-09-11 16:01:38 +0100
    Q: How will you campaign?
    A: If the LibDems stand down in Henley and back the Green candidate, I believe that winning this seat is very difficult, but absolutely achievable. If selected, the key feature of my team’s campaign will be to attract attention (nationally but also locally, of course) to the powerful alliance of the main pro-Remain parties in this strongly Remain constituency. This is an interesting story for the principal UK media and I believe I am well placed to act as the spokesperson for the Green/LibDem tactical alliance.

    Candidate Application Questionnaire

    Everyone who wants to  stand in a council target ward, must complete this questionnaire. If you just want to get your name on the ballot paper so that voters can vote for the Green Party in your ward (a non-target candidate) you do not need to complete this questionnaire.

    There are 15 questions in all, the first of which you see below. They cover eligibility, your selection statement, how much time you can contribute and what help you need from the party.

    If you have any difficulties completing the questionnaire, email the Oxfordshire Green Party Elections co-ordinator with the same information, using this candidate application document, and any questions you have.

    Deadline for first 2021 selection hustings: 25 September 2021

    Take the survey

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