Green Cherwell District Elections Kick Off Fund

Green Cherwell District Elections Kick Off Fund

The Cherwell District Council elections in May 2023 offer the Greens a chance to help knock the Tories out of power.  This fund will prime our Green Party election campaign to enable us to displace the Tories in at least one seat in Cherwell, whilst retaining our existing councillors. 

The Tories only have a two-seat majority.  This fund allows us to engage up to 18,000 of the electorate in key wards, where the Lib Dems have stepped aside.  This will enable us to give a voice to hard-working green councillors on the council, allowing us, to act on the climate and biodiversity crisis locally.  If everything goes to plan, after this election the Greens could play a major role in a controlling coalition with the Lib dems, Independants and Labour.

This time of Conservative Political weakness give us an opportunity to change our district for the better - please support our campaign.

Your donation will allow us to print 60-second surveys, leaflets and newsletters, enabling our volunteers to have material that will make the difference in this campaign.  Here are some examples of the impact your money could make:

Amount Impact
£10 Print 140 leaflets to get our message out
£25 350 sixty second surveys distributed and collected, so we can hone our campaigns
£50 750 A3 leaflets to educate the electorate about our candidates
£100 30 volunteers armed with materials to engage over 1,500 households with our key messages
£250 1 candidate empowered with the kick-off funding to win.
£500 Funding provided for a third of one of the target ward campaigns


£435.00 raised
GOAL: £1,500.00



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