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  • rsvped for Help Ian win in Kidlington East 2019-04-23 21:19:12 +0100

    Help Ian win in Kidlington East

    More and more people are saying they will vote for Ian Middleton in Kidlington East. But we need more pledges to win, and then to get them all to vote, so that we can get the first Green elected on to Cherwell council. Ian says:

    This is probably the one and only chance to get a councillor on Cherwell District Council. All the stars have aligned! The Tories and Labour are unpopular, UKIP is likely to further split the Tory vote. I came a close second last year and have a local profile as a green belt campaigner, we also have co-operation from the Lib. Dems., plus the support of the local MP. But Labour and the Tories are also campaigning hard in the ward so we need to match them in terms of door knocking and leafleting.

    If it doesn't happen this year it will never happen! So come and make it happen!

    Kidlington Action Day

    Meet fellow Greens, then go out together campaigning. You can put leaflets through letterboxes, or knock on doors and politely ask if they might vote for Ian Middleton, the Green Party candidate. Once we know who might vote for us, we can go out on polling day and remind them to vote. Too often we have lost elections because our supporters stayed at home.

    You are welcome to turn up at Ian's house (address below) at 1100 or 1400 on Saturday. Take the S3 bus to the top of Sandy Lane, Yarnton.

    Or contact Ian to arrange to meet in the centre of Kidlington.

    Then on Sunday we are meeting at 1430 at the Exeter Hall Car Park, Oxford Road, Kildington OX5 1AB.

    April 27, 2019 at 11am
    Kidlington East
    86 Sandy Ln
    Yarnton OX5 1PG
    United Kingdom
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  • commented on City Budget: Labour ignore Climate Emergency and vote through 'most expensive car parking spaces in the City' 2019-02-21 19:33:21 +0000
    There could hardly be a clearer manifestation of how DIFFERENT the Green Party is in proposing ACTION in the face of the climate emergency. What do Labour think an emergency is if requires no response at all in terms of concrete measures??

  • wants to volunteer 2018-10-17 13:23:55 +0100

    How you can help us on election day

    Let us know how you can best help on election day, 18 Oct. 2018. Tasks include:

    1. Reminding people to vote:
      • Knocking on the doors of people who said they will vote Green (“knocking up”).
      • Telephoning people who said they would vote green.
    2. Helping in a committee room.
    3. Giving lifts to voters with mobility difficulties who are otherwise unable to travel their polling station
    4. Taking voter numbers at polling stations (“telling”)—many voters don’t make up their minds until they are in the polling booth. A Green rosette and a welcoming face can help persuade them. Key times include 7am-9.30am, and 5pm-8pm.
    5. Tallying the votes at the count, so we know where in the county there are more Green voters.

    Please tick the ways you can help below.

    Become a volunteer

  • donated 2019-04-07 11:16:30 +0100

    Regular donation

    190 donors
    200 donors

    Thanks for coming to the donations page for our Greener Growth for Oxfordshire campaign! Please think about giving something on a regular basis; this will help us to achieve our aim of running an office as well as paying staff to help our local groups, and supporting our target campaigns.

    We know what a difference it makes to have a place where people can call in and find out what’s going on and how to help. Thanks to a one-off national donation in 2015, we were able to hire a campaign manager and volunteer co-ordinator for the general election campaign in Oxford East. This made a great difference to the organisation of the campaign. It was the best general election campaign we had ever had, getting 11.6% of the vote, five times what we did in 2010!

    We now need to get more people donating each month. Please chip in whatever you can.

    You can donate via paypal using the link below or by standing order.

    If your monthly donation is:

    • £50  -  it pays a month’s office rent
    • £10  -  it pays for 1 hour per month of staff time
    • £5  -  it pays for 100 people a month to hear from us directly, in areas where it counts the most

    You can read full details of our fundraising campaign at Greener Growth for Oxfordshire.


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