Caroline Lucas visited Abingdon Greens

Yesterday Caroline Lucas MP came straight from the Oxford Farming conference to speak to Abingdon Greens.

View the video of her talk. She spoke about farming, Parliament, Brexit, the climate emergency and the need for everyone to give one more hour a week to get more Green councillors elected.

At 2 p.m. in a packed room at the Brewery Tap in Abingdon, Caroline Lucas came to give a short talk and then answer questions from Green Party members and supporters. She started with this:

She then answered questions from the audience, about farming, recycling, constitutional questions raised by Brexit, whether it was better to be an MEP or an MP and getting the press and government to take seriously the needed transition to a zero carbon economy. Here is her answering a question about the reactions of farmers at the conference to veganism:

I asked a question, not to Caroline but to the audience.

What will you do to get Cheryl Briggs and others elected as Green councillors this year?

As Caroline pointed out, neither of the main parties are serious about climate change. At the same time as we heard from scientists that we had only 12 years left to start the transition, the UK Government made it easier to start fracking and increased the Government subsidy to North Sea oil. While Jeremy Corbyn wants to re-open deep coal mines.

So we need to replace those politicians with Green Party ones, starting with our local councils.

In Abingdon Cheryl needs people to deliver the Abingdon Green Times, to hand out and collect surveys and to have doorstep conversations learning from Abingdon residents what they want their councillors to do for them.

You can volunteer online for anything, or sign up for specific tasks, such as standing as a candidate, phoning supporters or helping organise activities. Or if you don't live near Abingdon, you can help by surveying your street, phoning people or getting your name on the ballot paper so that people can vote Green. If you don't have even 30 minutes per week, you can make a monthly or one-off donation, so we can afford to print the leaflets that brings our message to voters.


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