Campsfield expansion

Larry Sanders, Green Party candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon, had this letter opposing the expansion of the Campsfield Refugees prison published in the Oxford Mail on 4 Nov. 2014.

The Conservative/Lib Dem government’s plan to double the size of the Campsfield Asylum Seekers prison is an expensive part of its attempt to win votes back from UKIP. The extra places are entirely unnecessary. Government incompetence means they have lost the addresses of tens of thousands of people. Their waiting lists for people to have the chance to show why they are likely to be killed or tortured if they return to their countries stretch over years. Tens of thousands of people are waiting—not even allowed to work though they are desperate to do so. Locking up 300 more asylum seekers without charge or hearing or crime proved is contrary to British traditions of justice; and meaningless in face of the total mess created by the Home Office.

When honest people look at the facts they realise that there is no need for these places. Courageous politicians, like Conservative MP, Nicola Blackwood, and the Liberal Democrat candidate are willing to stand against their own government. The Labour candidate is also against it. The Green Party wants all the Detention Centres closed and for the refugees to be with their families while waiting for speedy and fair hearing.

I doubt if the people of Kidlington want a mini-Guantanamo doubled in size looming over their village. And taxpayers don’t want to waste tens of millions of pounds on the building plus tens of millions every year while the Government says there is no money for an adequate NHS or affordable housing or even food for the thousands queuing at Food Banks.

Will the Government listen?

Larry Sanders
Green Party Parliamentary candidate
Oxford West and Abingdon

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