Building a greener economy in West Oxfordshire

Larry Sanders, Green Party candidate in the Witney parliamentary by-election, is commending the potential of West Oxfordshire to develop a greener local economy.

Larry says:

The potential for a greener local economy in West Oxfordshire has yet to be fully realised. We can do a lot better. Given that the UK is importing more food each year, it is of vital importance that we encourage cooperatives and more farmers' markets to bring fresh, good quality organic food to West Oxfordshire's people.

Larry recognises the importance of community energy schemes:

Southill Solar and its successful efforts to establish a solar farm is one example of renewable energy in West Oxfordshire. But the employment potential of more energy efficiency work, solar PV and solar thermal for homes, businesses and public sector enterprises, is considerable. A costed programme of Climate-related employment for the UK suggests a potential one million extra jobs for our greening economy, in addition to the estimated one million which already exist.

Larry looks to expanding forests as a key area of employment growth:

We import most of the wood we are using. Many of the countries we import from are rapidly depleting their forests. We have to provide more of the wood we use. Regenerating our forests has potential to serve biodiversity, recreation and tourism needs and create useful employment in West Oxfordshire.

Larry adds:

Social justice and an end to the insanity of austerity can also lead to the creation of more local work in West Oxfordshire in the NHS and in Social Care, as just two examples.

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