June OGP Book Club

What we need to do now, by Chris Goodall.

June's Book will be "What we need to do now" by Chris Goodall. The session will be online, and Chris Goodall, the writer, will be there to present his ideas, and take questions from you, the readers.

 Chris Goodall sets out the ways the UK can become carbon neutral by 2050. His proposals include:

  • Building a huge over-capacity of wind and solar energy, storing the excess as hydrogen.
  • Using hydrogen to fuel our trains, shipping, boilers and heavy industry, while electrifying buses, trucks and cars.
  • Farming - and eating - differently, encouraging plant-based alternatives to meat
  • Paying farmers to plant and maintain woodlands.
  • Making fashion sustainable and aviation pay its way, funding synthetic fuels and genuine offsets.
  • Using technical solutions to capture CO2 from the air, and biochar to lock carbon in the soil.

Order the book from Amazon or Blackwells.

What We Need To Do Now is a short hardback book that offers a set of solutions to each of the main challenges posed by global heating. Of course it covers energy supply but also has chapters on housing, food, clothing and the main manufacturing problem areas, such as cement and steel. It finishes by looking briefly at the opportunities for direct capture of CO2 from air and the possible benefits and costs of tinkering with the reflectivity of the Earth’s atmosphere.


June 05, 2020 at 8pm - 9pm
Zoom online
Kate Robinson · 07582903996
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