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  • commented on Cherwell's Conservatives vote to back the badger cull in Oxfordshire 2020-10-25 11:39:36 +0000
    Shame on the Conservative Councillors for not opposing the expansion of the Badger Cull into Oxfordshire.

  • Call for decisive action on Covid 19 Tier 2 status for Oxfordshire

    West Oxfordshire Green Party calls on the Government to listen to local councils and Public Health experts and take decisive action in the face of increasing COVID-19 cases in rural Oxfordshire                                                                                                           

    West Oxfordshire Green Party has joined the calls on Department of Health and Social Care to move Oxfordshire to Tier 2 restrictions as cases of COVID-19 in rural areas increase alarmingly. Along with other council leaders and the county’s Director of Public Health, the Conservative leader of Oxfordshire County Council supports a move to Tier 2. However, Conservative MPs including Witney MP Robert Courts have argued against such a move and seem to have been influenced by numbers in Oxford city rather than in the wider county. (Even though, numbers in the city are actually reducing, whereas figures today from the Covid Symptom Study[i]  research show numbers in West Oxfordshire are increasing!)

    West Oxfordshire Green Party believes that rather than placing more faith in an increasingly poorly performing National Test and Trace system, we should be taking decisive action now.  Extending our local track and trace services while moving to Tier 2, may be the best way to avoid eventually moving to Tier 3. 

    Witney Town Councillor Andrew Prosser and Charlbury Town Councillor Liz Reason made a joint statement saying: “We should do everything we can to avoid ending up in tier 3 with its severe restrictions on businesses and Oxfordshire’s residents. Time is of the essence, moving to Tier 2 now may be the only way we can prevent the rapid spread of this disease and avoid businesses and citizens struggling in Tier 3.  The longer this Government sets itself against local Government leaders the more our citizens and businesses will suffer.

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  • Investing in green jobs/ green recovery: Green Homes Grant scheme – a step in the right direction

    Investing in green jobs/ green recovery: Green Homes Grant scheme 

    A step in the right direction, but there are no Oxfordshire based accredited suppliers!

    Green Councillor calls for local councils and enterprise partnerships to create a fast-track route for local suppliers to become TrustMark accredited

    Witney Green Party Town Councillor Andrew Prosser has welcomed the new national Green Homes Grant scheme[1] as a crucial step in upgrading the energy efficiency of homes and a step towards tackling the climate emergency. Grants worth up to £5000 are currently available to help homeowners take measures to make their homes more energy efficient and warmer. Part of the cost of energy-saving “primary” measures, such as installing low-carbon heating or insulation of cavity walls and lofts, and “secondary” measures, including draught proofing and double glazing, would be covered. Some low-income households may be eligible for grants up to £10,000, with 100% of the cost covered.

    However, work eligible for grant support under the scheme can only be undertaken by tradespersons and suppliers with appropriate TrustMark accreditation and listed on the official Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website.[2] Unfortunately, it seems that there is a risk of the scheme failing in its objectives due to a shortage of accredited local suppliers. At a time of increased unemployment as a result of the COVID pandemic it is concerning that the opportunity to invest in green skills training and suitable apprenticeship schemes has not been grasped. Cllr Prosser has called for local councils and enterprise partnerships to address this and create a fast-track route for local suppliers to become TrustMark accredited.


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  • wants to volunteer 2020-07-07 17:12:35 +0100

    Help us to create a Greener Oxfordshire!

    We need to build Oxfordshire back better

    Not only is there is a climate emergency, we have many more people in Oxfordshire struggling to make ends meet and using food banks.

    We need to get Green councillors elected to voice the concerns of the vulnerable and insecure in our midst, and to take the urgent steps needed to build a sustainable recovery that would see Oxfordshire carbon neutral by 2030.

    We are up against well-funded party machines, but the Green Party knows that building grass root support can help us to win.  In 2019 Oxfordshire elected 8 new Green councillors. The green party now jointly control one council.

    Whatever your skills, there is something you can do to help get Green Councillors elected. Fill in the form below, and one of our volunteers will get in touch to talk about how you would like to become involved.



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