Austerity cuts for the most vulnerable in the County

Oxfordshire’s Green Party County councillors will be calling upon the
County Council to put a halt to planned cuts for the most vulnerable groups
in the County. A further £60 million of cuts in the County Budget this year
will mean reductions in Adult Social Care for those in greatest need.
Councillor Sam Coates explains:

“The County Council’s Green Party group will be putting forward a motion to
the next County Council meeting in July that the County must protect those
in greatest need in our County. The County Council’s leaders have already
been told that there is no way that children’s centres and adult social
care can be maintained at a safe level if further major spending cuts
occur. A petition to stop reductions in children’s centres attracted over
8000 signatures, including David Cameron’s, back in 2013.

“There can be no realistic expectation that charities can provide the
support our vulnerable elderly, those with mental health problems, and the
disabled may be relying on each week of their lives. Closing any children’s
centre will damage the support it provides to users who need assistance to
maintain reasonable family lives. Penalising the poorest and those in need
of County Council help says a lot about low taxes for the richest and the
failure of successive Government to provide an adequate range of taxes in
recent years".

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