Ann Duncan - Green Party candidate for Headington


An international development economist for nearly 30 years, I have lived in Oxford since 2009 and in the early 80s, when my son was born here. I have a daughter who is a journalist. I have recently done a MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, and stood as Oxford East’s Green parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Elections. I have stood several times in local elections.

What will you do if you get elected?

With my colleagues in the Green Party, I want to help find and fund more housing in Oxford, at more affordable rates. I believe that any new housing should be built to high eco standards, and in a pattern that will foster the growth of human-scale communities. I am opposed to the current Council’s strategy of expanding retail in the city, at the expense of housing and green spaces. And I believe passionately that we have had one of the best public health services in the world and that the NHS should continue to be fully public and fully-funded; also, that over time, social care should be integrated into it. I believe we need to do more to recognise and address mental health. I will continue to fight against the privatisation of the NHS, and the appalling waste of public money that this entails. At the same time, I think we should celebrate and be grateful for the excellent NHS services that we get in Oxford, and especially to the frontline staff.

Vote Green for a fairer society, for real action on housing and the NHS!

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