Animal welfare and farming

Of all the political parties, the Green Party is by far the clearest in our position regarding our relationship with other species and with the natural environment. Our whole political philosophy takes this relationship as its starting point, and builds its policy from that base.

It is no surprise, therefore, that our Animal Rights policy page on the web is one of the longest. Our key pledges for this coming parliament are in our Animal Manifesto.

We fully support the measures described in the League Against Cruel Sports’ online survey.

Our long-term aims are:

To eliminate the wholesale exploitation of other species, foster understanding of our inter-relationship in the web of life and protect and promote natural habitat.

Our short term aims are:

To stimulate public awareness of the rights and needs of animals, to pass appropriate legislation to act by both informing the electorate and implementing suitable district policies.

You may be interested to learn of our involvement in the Campaign for Real Farming.

Put an end to animal cruelty and exploitation.

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