Anger as New Labour MP breaks pledge to electorate

After pledging during the General Election to doing everything she could to stop a Tory hard Brexit, newly elected Oxford East Labour MP Anneliese Dodds has sided with the Tories and voted down a motion in Parliament that would have prevented just such a hard Brexit [1] [voting record 2]
In the process she has gone on record claiming that “the Labour position is to leave all options on the table” - directly contradicting her own election pledge to the people of Oxford East[3]
Says Green Councillor Craig Simmons, an active member of the Oxford for Europe group; “Brexit was, at the General Election, and remains a critical issue for Oxford’s residents and businesses. For voters to now be told by their MP - who promised to do everything she could to stop a hard Brexit -  that ‘all options’ remain on the table is a serious betrayal of trust.”
FMI 07739803047 Cllr Craig Simmons



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