Al Wilson, candidate for St. Margaret's

Al Wilson has lived in Oxford for 27 years, attending three local schools and studying Physics and Philosophy for 11 years at the University of Oxford. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, specializing in philosophy of science with particular interests in explanation and in quantum theory. He would like to help people understand nature, and to make the world a slightly better place. His other interests include walking with his dog Bunyip, cycling, punting and paragliding.

Al's priorities for St. Margaret's are improvements in air quality, enhanced pedestrian and cycle safety, and increased accountability of local government. He would apply pressure on behalf of local residents with respect to planning and licensing, road surface repairs, management of school run traffic and air pollution hotspots. He would be a strong independent voice on broader issues facing the City Council, where the Greens are a essential moderating force along with the Lib Dems on the the centre-right Labour administration.

City council candidate for St. Margaret's ward. I like metaphysics, philosophy of physics, nature, and paragliding.