Al Wilson, Green Party candidate in St. Margaret's

In this County Council election my primary concern is the undemocratic One Oxfordshire scheme. It is a straightforward power grab by Tories looking for more services on which to impose their austerity program. Only the Greens will defend the essential services the City Council provides, and fight for the distinctive needs of people in Oxford.

I grew up in North Oxford and went to two schools in St. Margaret’s ward, so I know the area well and understand the issues facing the community. I’m a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, used to arguing on my feet and thinking critically; I want to use my skills and energy to improve council decision-making and reduce inequality across the city.

If elected, I’ll press for implementation of new ideas to address the housing crisis, including next-generation rent controls and use of space above car parks for sustainable and affordable housing. I’ll also lobby the council to do more to address air pollution, a significant risk to health locally.

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