Al Morris, elected to Old Marston Parish Council

Al Morris, elected to Old Marston Parish Council


Marston Matters to Me!

Alistair has lived in Marston for over 12 years. His two children were both born in the JR, and attended local schools.

He has been a Green Party member all his adult life, and campaigns on a wide range of issues including sustainable development, more renewable energy, reduced waste, more recycling, improved public transport, real affordable housing, and better use of community green spaces for amenity, wildlife and food.

Alistair is standing for both Old Marston Parish Council and Oxford City Council. He sees the key issues in this election locally as the proposed Swan School, improved access to the JR Hospital, and the Elsfield development.

“These are all complex issues which raise concerns about increased traffic and congestion, decline in air pollution, the potential for more flooding, and expansion of urban sprawl into the surrounding countryside,” he says.

“Marston is a village within the city that retains its own character and identity, and wherever possible this must be preserved, in order to keep its inhabitants feeling a sense of community. Marston has the potential to be even greener, healthier, and more sustainable – and with my determination, and your help, we can make it so!”


“I would be honoured to be elected as your representative to serve and hold the City Council to account”


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