Abdul Rafiq, Green Party Candidate in Rose Hill and Littlemore

Abdul_Rafiq.pngI have lived in Oxford since I was a child and my wife and I love living and working here.  I have given time and money to many local and national charities and voluntary organisations. I am also a great believer in supporting local businesses including independent shops.

I am standing for the County Council as a Green because my dearest wish is that our voice be heard clearly as a voice for the common good. My commitment is to better the future for our entire city in these times of cuts backs at every level and to help those on low incomes. We working class people face cutbacks while Tory high earners take pay rises. What kind of justice is that?

I am standing as a Green candidate because I believe we are the only party who could save the nation.  Greens look forward not backwards. We live in the twenty first century and we are now seeing the first impacts of climate change. We must face the problem and work on solutions to save our planet.

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