A view into COP26

This event has been postponed for a day, same time but on Wednesday.

Couldn't get to Glasgow? No problem, join us as we visit COP26 over Zoom, guided by the Green Economics Institute team.

Join the Zoom meeting here.

Hear from Green politicians, climate feminist ambassadors, talk to farmers and indigenous people, ask green economists to explain what is going on, as they come to the Green Economics stall inside COP26 from Kenya, Uganda, Italy, Finland, Scotland and even England.

We will join the special event run by the Green Economics Institute all Wednesday. Here is the draft programme (subject to change in a fast-paced COP26):

15.00-15.50 Young People at COP26 


  • Johana Alazar- Climate Feminist Ambassador and others hosting this session
  • Ana Díaz Vidal is a climate activist and Sustainable Development student researching post-capitalist worldviews and the interaction between environment and the economy. She is a Feminist Climate Ambassador and is seeking to expose the intrinsic links between feminism and climate movements. - Is Degrowth as the solution to the issue of time in the climate crisis. Debt for Nature swaps: neo-colonialism or killing two birds with one stone
  • Johana Alazar- Climate Feminist Ambassador -The Horn of Africa having problems being represented in global symposia- how to resolve the issues- Johanna Alazar Climate Feminist Ambassasor
  • Gabriella Hiltman Climate Feminist Ambassador

16.00-16.50 The voices of practitioners and experts from the Global South

Soeakers :

  • Samuel Muhunyu from Network For Ecofarming in Africa (NECOFA) Kenya. Samuel will talk about Advocacy on policy issues in the global south, food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.
  • Samuele Tini, working for partner NGO Mani Tese, will address the circular economy, the intersection of business and sustainability, entrepreneurship at grassroots level, especially involving women, and climate change.
  • Other delegates are farmer John Munene Mwangi from Molo; community worker Lucy Wanjiru Wambui supporting sustainable agriculture projects around Molo; community health promoter Irine Veriano Leching’ei from Baringo.

RSVP to get the Zoom connection details and to receive updates on who will be there on Tuesday 9 November.

November 10, 2021 at 3:00pm - 5pm
Zoom to COP26
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