A London Living Wage for Oxfordshire

Councillor David Williams, Leader of the Green Group on Oxfordshire County Council, is putting a motion to the County Council on 8th December which would mean County employees have a minimum wage of £9.40 per hour. This is the new London Living Wage, justified given exceptional housing costs in Oxfordshire. Councillor Williams explains:

“Oxfordshire Green Party supports the use of the London Living Wage, currently £9.40 per hour, throughout Oxfordshire. As part of this campaign, we are calling upon the County Council to adopt a £9.40 per hour Living Wage for its own staff as a minimum rate of pay. Also, we are advocating that the County promote this London Living Wage level in all employers throughout Oxfordshire.

“There would be considerable benefits from having a raised minimum wage level. First, poorer households would find it easier to pay bills on time and would be less likely to get into debt. Secondly, better quality food would be affordable. Thirdly, a raised minimum income of this type would force employers to strengthen training to increase productivity in both the private and public sectors. Fourth, an increase in capacity to spend money in local businesses would benefit those businesses County-wide.

“Oxfordshire Green Party recognises that the increasing Deficit is not being addressed by seven years of austerity. We must invest in services and in people, using a variety of tax options to deal with all our needs as a country.”

For further information contact Councillor David Williams, Leader of the Green Group on Oxfordshire County Council on 01865 765852 or 07900 888051. 

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