A cycling city without a cycling officer?

Oxford is second only to Cambridge in the country for people cycling to work. However, further progress towards increasing cycling is being stymied by inadequate routes, limited funding due to Coalition Government cuts and the lack of a dedicated cycling officer and team for Oxford City.

Ann Duncan, Green Party candidate for Oxford East, comments:

“If we are going to move toward ‘cycletopia’ as local cycling campaign Cyclox calls the level of cycling to work in some European cities, we are going to need deeper commitments on the part of both the City and County councils. If Copenhagen can reach 38% of journeys to work by bike, so can Oxford. But we need to address potential blockages between East Oxford and the City Centre.

"Delays to work on the Plain are unwelcome, but so are the absence of modifications which favour cyclists over other road users. The opening of a cycling alternative to Cowley Road would also be welcomed given its exceptional congestion. Clearly, it does not help if John Tanner, the Councillor with cycling supposedly in his brief, is referring people with cycling queries to a council officer who does not have cycling in their portfolio of responsibilities. Clearly, some more assembly is required to obtain the kind of cycling networks the City needs.”

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