Council adopts 'proper' definition of net zero carbon buildings

This evening, at a meeting of Full Council, Oxford City Council passed a Green Party motion which adopted a better, more accurate definition (that proposed by the UK Green Building Council as widely adopted by others [1]) of a 'net zero carbon' building than that contained within the Council's own Local Plan, passed only last year. 

Prior to this, the Council has referred to buildings as being  'zero carbon' [2] even when they still generated several tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

This was because appliances (e.g. washing, machine, dishwasher, TV, computer, fridge - often referred to  collectively as unregulated loads) - were excluded in the Council's communications and local plan (despite being included in accepted definitions of 'zero carbon'). 

Proposing the motion for the Green Party, Cllr Dick Wolff said, "When talking about climate change, it is important to be honest, tell the truth and be concise. This motion ensures that going forward the Council does not mislead or provide room for developers to 'cut corners' on claims around climate change."




07968 486854 Cllr Dick Wolff (proposer)

0773 980 3047 Cllr Craig Simmons (seconder)


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