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Green Comment: New data on key sources of air pollution in Oxford
As expected, this report shows only minor improvements in air quality pre-COVID. 
Only during COVID did air quality improve to the point where it was no longer breaching international standards. 
Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "Rather than seeking to 'lock in' the improvements to air quality witnessed in the last few months, the City Council are actually DELAYING the introduction of a clean air zone in the City Centre and for a number of weeks even waived car parking charges. We need to 'build back better' - not return to the same poor air quality."
The Greens have proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods across the City, additional bus gates, an expanded clean air zone and massive improvements to cycle infrastructure.
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Green Comment on City Council welcomes Pension Fund’s climate-focused changes to pension investments
Says Green City Councillor Craig Simmons who, as Chair of the  City Council's Finance Panel in 2014, first tabled the City Council motion to divest from fossil fuels, "Although this is not a dramatic change of direction, it is nonetheless welcome.  But, without close measurement and monitoring, there is a real risk that the policy won't deliver much at all."


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Green Comment: Oxford City Council welcomes latest Committee on Climate Change report

Greens have accused the City Council of being 'all words and too little action' over the climate emergency. 

Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "The Climate Emergency motion, proposed by the Greens, was passed in January 2019. It took until the end of the year for the Council to convene a Citizen's Assembly and set up an internal Climate Emergency Review Group. But no decisions have yet been taken as a result. In fact, the Labour Cabinet has said it will not even review the findings of the Review Group until October at the latest. Meanwhile, the Low Emission Zone has been delayed, the planned move to make the Council's operations 'carbon neutral' has been delayed (along with several other green projects), and a Local Plan has been passed that doesnt require new homes to be zero emissions for more than a decade (and places no requirements at all on other building types). This is a case of 'all words' and very little action. 
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What's Happening

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 07:30 PM · 7 rsvps
Zoom online

July OGP Book Club

Dianne Regisford

will be discussing her books. One of them is:

Evoking Belonging

Dianne Regisford was born in Oxford, in the United Kingdom. She is a visual and performance artist who creates spaces for multi-sensory engagement, storytelling and encounter. Regisford is a PhD researcher at the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University; her doctoral research explores the potential of the African philosophy of ubuntu in the socio-cultural dimension of migration and social cohesion in sustainable urban development.

Here is a performance piece Diane did in 2017:

Saturday, August 01, 2020 at 11:00 AM · 7 rsvps
Wesley Memorial Methodist Church in Oxford, United Kingdom

South East Green gathering

So much has happened since the last Gathering: Coronavirus, postponed Local Elections and April 2020 being one of the hottest on record. So much is changing, and in this change there is potential to rebuild a different society. A society that is safer, healthier and greener.

Join us on 1st August for the South East Greens Regional Gathering to meet fellow Greens, hear stories of community and Council responses to Coronavirus and look forward to what could be a Breakthrough year for the Green Party in the May 2021 County Council Elections.

Greens from across South East England will be coming to Oxford to plan for a better future.

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