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Simon Head is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
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    Ever thought of standing for election?

    This is a call for candidates to stand for the Green Party at the 2021 elections to councils in Oxfordshire.

    We need more Green councillors in Oxfordshire. Could you follow in the footsteps of our Green Party councillors in Oxford, and stand for election? You could improve the quality of our councils by representing the people and views that the governing parties ignore.

    Act now

    If you are at all interested in standing as a candidate, or helping organise a campaign for a candidate, please complete the form below, and the Elections Committee will get back to you with more details.

    If you want any more information on what is involved in standing as candidate, please contact the Elections Co-ordinator, David Newman.

    We are looking for both target candidates, who will work hard to win in May 2021, and non-target candidates who need to do as little as getting their name on the ballot paper so that people can vote everywhere for a Green Party candidate.

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  • endorsed 2018-05-04 20:33:49 +0100
    It is my belief that the impact of countryside development on our environment ought to be stressed.

    As is said within the following website:

    The following:

    One of the first things taught in biology class is that animals breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2, while plants take in CO2 during the day and release oxygen. In a process called “photosynthesis,” plants use the energy in sunlight to convert CO2 and water to sugar and oxygen.

    Destroying plant life to build new houses is a very short-term solution that is usually driven by profit hungry individuals.

    If we genuinely need more housing then we ought to do what I believe is being done in Manchester, redevelop brownfield sites. That is build housing using sites that are disused. I can spot acres of sites such as this in Oxford and Kidlington.

    This has the added advantage of needing to supply no new local services as the existing will suffice, even though they will need to be upgraded.

    Certainly, the impact on the environment is a lot better than destroying the countryside.

    I live in Kidlington, Oxfordshire and strongly oppose destruction of the local greenbelt to build more houses.

    Ian Middleton came second in Kidlington East


    A Strong Voice for Kidlington - A Green Voice for OUR Green Belt

    Ian is a local independent businessman, and a writer and campaigner for independent retail. He moved to Yarnton with his partner Fiona in 1993, and a year later opened his first small shop in central Oxford.

    A long time environmental campaigner, he joined the Green Party in 2012 after becoming disillusioned with the other main parties, and stood in the 2015 and 2017 General Elections in the Banbury constituency. He believes local issues are always better dealt with by local people with local resources, and is an avid believer of local enterprise and businesses putting back as much into society as they take out.

    “I've been campaigning to protect green spaces and wildlife habitat since I moved to Oxfordshire in 1993," he says. "I’d only lived here for a year before I led a campaign to stop a massive tarmac factory being built in Yarnton - a campaign we won!”

    Ian is standing in Kidlington East as he is firmly of the view that it is time for political change there. “With a Conservative-dominated district council, a Conservative-dominated county council and a Conservative-led central government, it’s little wonder that nothing ever changes," he says. "Funding cuts are handed down through every layer of government in Oxfordshire without being challenged. We need a more diverse and representative local government for a healthier national democracy."

      tel:01865 598077

    As a writer and activist I find it hard to keep quiet when I know there’s an injustice being done or a bad decision being made. I believe strongly in local representation and engaging with local issues. I’ve lived in Yarnton for 25 years and I’m deeply concerned about the future of our way of life here. If we don’t make a stand to protect rural communities and green spaces now, they’ll be lost forever.