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Robert Weedon is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
  • commented on Cheryl Briggs 2019-12-05 20:47:59 +0000
    Cheryl, hi!. Awful news re the hustings this evening. I have been told a rumour by an LD that it was Layla. Anyway, Sarah emails me that you are planning to do a message to all in the constituency. I suggest that you include the facts re our oversight – the ‘Layla Watch’ group and the Q n A sessions. Good Luck to us Bob.

    Cheryl Briggs, Green Party candidate in Abingdon North

    Cheryl_Briggs.jpgI am 51 years old and have lived in Abingdon for 6 years. I do not own a car but choose to travel by foot, bicycle and public transport. I'm an active member of community groups in Abingdon including Neighbourhood Friends, visiting a disabled adult every week as a volunteer. I'm the Chair of Abingdon Green Party. I have an interest in the wildlife across Abingdon, and enjoy growing my own organic vegetables, along with plants that attract bees and other insects. I particularly love hedgehogs, regularly feeding them and providing them with homes.

    I have campaigned against Abingdon Town Council’s decision to not fly the Rainbow Flag. I'm the Treasurer of the committee organising a Rainbow Flag Day in Abingdon this summer, and is deputy chair of an Oxfordshire campaign to promote and celebrate the diverse groups that make up our community in Abingdon.


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