Sarah Edwards, lead candidate for Summertown

Sarah EdwardsSarah Edwards studied at Durham University and has spent most of her career in the voluntary sector, gaining experience in service development, management and policy work. Until recently she worked in London for the national charity Victim Support, where she was also elected as a union representative.  Sarah is now semi-retired. Since moving to North Oxford in 2012, she has trained as a community mediator and helps adults studying English. A keen allotment gardener, she also serves on her local allotments’ committee.

Sarah has been active in the green movement and the Green Party for many years and has worked on a wide range of environmental and social justice issues. She is standing for the Green Party because she believes it is the only party that can move us towards a sustainable future and a fairer society.

One of her key concerns is to tackle the housing crisis in a way that protects Oxford’s Green Belt and ensures there is adequate essential infrastructure. Sarah supports Low Carbon Oxford North and wants to see far greater political commitment to energy conservation, renewable energy and green transport policies. Summertown benefits from its small and independent businesses and Sarah is keen to support them. She believes that the area has more than enough retail space, and she will strongly oppose the introduction of more supermarkets, in Diamond Place or elsewhere.

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    Have you ever wondered what our Green councillors do day-to-day? On April 4th, our Green councillors will be telling their stories of what they have been doing as councillors since they got elected. There'll be the chance to hear from them about their role before an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

    Some of our councillors have been working for their residents for years in Oxford whilst others have just recently been elected in May 2019. In addition to our district, city and county councillors, we have many town and parish councils working for their communities, doing vital local work all year round.

    Among the councillors who will be telling their stories and answering your questions are:

    • Oxford City: Lord Mayor Craig Simmons and former Lord Mayor Elise Benjamin
    • South Oxfordshire: Sam Casey-Rerhaye and Thame town councillor, Sonya Francis
    • Cherwell district (north Oxfordshire): Ian Middleton
    • West Oxfordshire: Andrew Prosser
    • Vale of White Horse: Abingdon Deputy Mayor Cheryl Briggs, parish councillors Chris Henderson, Kevin Middleton and Liz Swallow.

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    Very good points. I also notice that people are asked about ‘safety concerns’, including ‘begging passively’. This suggests that someone who does not even approach you is a threat.

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Career in voluntary sector, including Victim Support. Now working as a community mediator and helping adults learn English. Allotment gardener.