Safer communities

It’s important for people to be safe in the places they live and work. Greens want to see road safety taken seriously, and the root causes of social conflict addressed.

The accident rate on our roads is still a problem. Greens work with the police through Neighbourhood Action Groups, where the whole community can be represented in tackling any problems that arise.

The underlying causes of crime are complex, and Greens support solutions that recognise this. The huge inequality in our city and society in general can drive social conflict – we support making society more equal, including by expanding the Living Wage.

Green successes:

  • We were the main advocates of new pedestrian crossings such as at Donnington Bridge Road and Iffley Road. 
  • The Greens openly advocated the introduction of the 20mph rule for Oxford roads, saving lives - especially children. 
  • The Cowley Road new road system - which has led to a 35% decline in accidents. 
  • Pushed for Iffley Road to have complete resurfacing and the elimination of pot holes. 
  • Greens pushed for the introduction of the Bicycle Bobbies and Community Response Officers. 
  • Green councillors have been totally committed to the Neighbourhood Action Groups guiding the police to local trouble spots.

The Green Party will:

  • Call for the abolition of the Police Commissioners and the restoration of democratic control of policing via an elected police authority. 
  • Push for 20mph speed limits on all residential roads in Oxford. 
  • Expand neighbourhood policing. 
  • Advocate new solar lighting systems on side streets and other designs in safety features which improve security. 
  • Support the Rape Crisis Centres, try to stop the cuts to them, and speak out against sexual exploitation of women and activities such as trafficking and prostitution. 
  • Focus on eradicating anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime.

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