Health in our city

Health and wellbeing are essential features of a good life, at all ages. The City Council has a role to play in maintaining good health, and fostering better lifestyles that encourage healthy living. The current picture of health in our city should not encourage complacency.

Unfortunately, Labour when in government encouraged Public-Private Partnerships in the NHS which have increased the costs of healthcare and this has been continued by the coalition government.

Also, the coalition pressure on the NHS to cut £20 billion in England and Wales ignores the advice of health service organisations including trade unions that an ageing population means higher not lower health spending.

The Green Party believes in an NHS provided from public funds, free at the point of use and available to all.

Oxfordshire Green Party supports Healthwatch, trade unions and community campaigning to defend and enhance our health services.

The Green Party will:

  • Resist attempts to reduce health services in Oxford. 
  • Continue to support the use of public open spaces for recreation, dog walking, children’s play, and sporting activities – and help in protecting these sites against encroachment by unwanted development. 
  • Work to increase cycling in the city and to reduce traffic, increasing health and reducing noise, air pollution, and stress. 
  • Support and maintain community centres in providing locations for physical activity and events for all ages.

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