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The Greens have a long history of fighting for improvements for cyclists and demanding lower emission public transport with more frequent public services. Others may recognize the problems but only the Greens have effective solutions.

Further pedestrianisation and better road planning are needed. A range of new developments will be required to tackle the acute transit problems Oxford faces, focussing on helping cyclists and pedestrians.

The Greens recognise the contributions of the Oxford Pedestrians’ Association, and local cycling groups and businesses in supporting a sustainable transport future for our city. Cycling is the most energy efficient form of transport and is not polluting. However cycle routes are poorly thought out: we need a complete network for cycling routes, not disconnected cycle lanes.

Greens have pressed for improvements in transport under the City Council’s planning and other powers but despite recognition that there is a real problem, the Labour-run City Council has advanced only limited measures to address the issues resulting in the continuation of the congestion and air pollution. The County, which has major transport powers, also fails to address these issues.

Transport is important. It must be pollution-free with an emphasis on cycling, walking, and public transport as the best solutions for solving congestion. Cyclists and pedestrians deserve a better deal.

Green successes:

  • Demanded and achieved expanded bus services and more frequent timing. 
  • Demanded monitoring bus carbon monoxide emissions. 
  • Highlighting the health problems of air pollution with numerous Town Hall presentations by our Green European Member of Parliament Keith Taylor. 
  • Demanded changes to bus carbon monoxide emissions. 
  • Established the East Oxford Car Club which has taken 300 cars off the road. 
  • Fought for over 15 years and achieved cross ticketing between bus companies. 
  • Implemented a real increase in the number of cycle racks and improved cycle lanes throughout the City. 
  • Continue to work with communities to introduce Controlled Parking Zones - where the community concerned supports them.

The Green Party will:

  • Keep up the pressure for a Europeanstyle separation of cycle-ways from main roads to improve safety standards and reduce accident levels. This is the ‘Benelux three division system’ recognised as the principal reason that cycle accidents are 50% less in Europe as compared to the UK). 
  • Campaign to increase the frequency of the renewing of cycle markings, which are currently being neglected throughout the City by the County Council. 
  • Support improved facilities for cyclists such as a covered cycle hub in the City Centre plus prompt filling of potholes and the completion of a cycle network around the City. 
  • Campaign to improve cycle safety by giving cyclists priority over motorised traffic at junctions. 
  • Increase on-street parking for cycles in and around shopping areas, and in urban terraced streets, where parked cycles might otherwise block the pavement. 
  • Place cycle routes on the major roads in urban areas with a planned network of interconnecting cycle ways especially East to West routes. 
  • Fight for more affordable public transport with lower emission buses, hybrids and electrics. Set new standards to be introduced by 2020 for all buses - 20% lower than present Low Emission Zone ratios. 
  • Research the potential of reinstating light rapid transport systems e.g. trams. 
  • Investigate the potential for an inner city congestion charge for Oxford. 
  • Push for railway branch lines to reopen and a new Oxford four platform station to be established. 
  • Improve park and ride facilities for car users, with an extra charge to cover improvements. 
  • Introduce a cycle hire system similar to the London system starting with stands in the park and rides. 
  • Introduce cheap ticket schemes for low income groups. 
  • Continue to support car-free housing alongside improved public transport, using Section 106 agreements and successor legislation, in new developments. 
  • Push for a full 20mph scheme for all residential roads in Oxford. 
  • Investigate the feasibility of a freight distribution centre outside Oxford as a means of reducing Heavy Goods Vehicle entry to the city, sited on an existing industrial estate. 
  • Encourage traffic calming to reduce urban traffic. 
  • Extend the network of speed cameras as soon as financially possible to reduce excessive traffic speeds on our roads. 
  • Support City Council promotion of teleworking and other forms of working at home, live-work units and improved broadband internet access to decrease the need to travel, especially in rush hours. 
  • Consider workplace car park charging and road tolls as part of strategies to reduce urban traffic and congestion on trunk roads. 
  • Fight any expansion of the London Oxford Airport in Kidlington and oppose completely the establishment of a new airport in Oxfordshire. 
  • Establish the City authority as a statutory objector to the proposed high speed rail link running through Oxfordshire and use the billions proposed in local rail service improvements. 
  • Work with CyclOx and the Pedestrians Association to improve safety and eliminate danger spots.

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