Just a few days to go...

Standing up for our values - final few days....!

There are only a few days left until the General Election, and we really want to say one thing at this stage: Thank you all so much to all our volunteers, whether on the streets with door knocking and leafleting, or behind the scenes with donations, design, emailing and other tasks.  Our volunteers are so very much appreciated, we simply couldn't do this without them!

Wednesday 24 May saw Larry challenging the NHS Sustainability and Transformation plans at the local NHS hustings at Oxford Town Hall. On Friday evening, Larry received Oxford students at Oriel College to talk about issues of concern. This resulted in a lively conversation, after which some participants joined forces with new volunteers at the Royal Blenheim monthly pub social. The weekend was spent leafleting and canvassing around the city. Sunday featured cheery banter with German Green councillors who came to visit as part of Bonn week.

The coming week will feature enormous leafleting efforts all over the city, plus a large number of events. Don't miss out! :) Also, we are preparing for polling day: please see below how you can get involved.  Also see the events page here.


Headington - Get Larry’s Leaflet Out - Wednesday, May 31st at 6:30pm at 68 Coniston Ave, OX3 0AW. 

Hinksey Park Action Day - Saturday, June  3rd, 11am and 2pm 
Leaflet and knock on doors in Hinksey Park.

City Centre Action Day - Sunday, June 4th, 11am-2pm at Turl Street Kitchen

Help deliver our newest student leaflet, enjoy some door knocking. There may also be a stall to spend time on.

Other upcoming events

For further upcoming events, consult our Facebook page or check out our Volunteer Events Calendar. Here are some big ones:

Lye Valley Outreach - Wednesday (tomorrow), May 31st from 7pm at St Francis' Church Centre on Hollow Way.  THis is a meeting with Larry Sanders for members in Lye Valley and nearby areas. Members can come and meet Larry, collect a poster and a bundle of leaflets to deliver.

Headington Hustings - June 1st, from 7:30pm at All Saints Church, Lime Walk
(Larry's attendance at this is now confirmed). 

Bernie Sanders at Sheldonian Theatre - Friday, June 2nd, 7:30 pm
This event is unfortunately now sold out.

Support Oxon Greens Bloc at Oxford Pride Parade - Saturday, June 3rd, 11am

Meet at Radcliffe Square between 11am - 11:30 am to set off at 12pm for a parade through the city centre to the Castle site. Please bring whistles and light percussion instruments. Wear Green with a bit of rainbow! We have Euro LGBTQA+ Green flags, a large balloon, and several banners to carry. Please email [email protected] to receive more information.

Leafleting for Oxford West and Abingdon

We have written a leaflet titled 'Why The Greens Stood Aside in Oxford West and Abingdon' (downloadable here for anyone who would like to print some and hand out to friends). These will be handed out at several events including the following: 

Wednesday, May 31st, 11am-1pm at Abingdon Shopping Centre. Contact Caroline Roaf 07745 895804 or [email protected] for a lift or to say you're going.

Saturday, June 3rd, 10 am at Abingdon Town Centre 
Contact Cheryl Briggs (075 0066 5207 or [email protected])

Sunday, June 4th, 11am-1pm at a stall in Kidlington Market
Contact Caroline Roaf (07745 895804 or [email protected])

For more information contact Cheryl Briggs (075 0066 5207 or [email protected]). There are also door knocking events planned - look at the Progressive Alliance website or sign up at CampaignTogether.

Support our campaigns in Banbury, Henley, Wantage and Witney

For Banbury, please contact our candidate Ian Middleton directly ([email protected] / 01865  598077).

For Henley, please contact our candidate Robin Bennett ([email protected])

For Wantage, please contact Sue Ap-Roberts ([email protected])

For Witney, please contact Claire Lasko ([email protected])

Oxford East candidate Larry Sanders meets students at Oriel college

Leafleters wanted! Can you leaflet your own street?

We have tons of leaflets ready to be distributed all over Oxford East. Can you support us by leafleting your own street, or even close neighbourhood? Say exactly how you can help on our volunteer signup page or email [email protected] or text 07709 775230. 

Special Appeal: Volunteers for Polling Day (June 8th)

There will be plenty of activities on polling day, and we would like to get as many of our members involved as possible! It will be great fun, and make waiting for results much more bearable. In particular, we are looking for volunteers for the following activities:

  • Count observers: we require at least 20 volunteers to help observe the counting procedure from 10pm-11:30pm on June 8th.
  • Tellers: help us greet voters at polling stations and collect polling numbers, throughout the day.
  • Handing out pledge cards: pretty much self-explanatory, i.e. hand out pledge cards during the day at strategically important places 
  • Door knocking / phoning: wander through the city to remind our supporters to vote (or just call them)! Voter mobilization is crucial.
  • Committee room service: brew tea and hand out biscuits at our volunteer base
  • Other activities: cycle through the city displaying over-sized Green Party posters, or do an improvised climate change flash dance on Cornmarket? Whatever you fancy that's creative ;)

Please RSVP here - take a day off work if you can! For any unusual requests (or indeed questions), please email [email protected] or call 07709 775230.

Last but not least

We still need donations to cover the costs of the General Election campaign in Oxfordshire.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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