Sarah Edwards, Green Party candidate for Wolvercote


Sarah Edwards has been active in the green movement and the Green Party for many years and has worked on a wide range of social justice and environmental issues.

After graduating, Sarah has spent most of her career in the voluntary sector. Until recently she worked for the national charity Victim Support. Now semi-retired, she is a community mediator and helps adults studying English. She lives in North Oxford and is involved in various local organisations, including Low Carbon Oxford North, a support scheme for carers and her local allotments' association.

What will you do if you get elected?

If elected, Sarah would seek a much stronger commitment to green energy and transport policies, not only to tackle climate change, but to achieve goals such as affordable fuel bills, decent air quality and safer cycling. One of her key concerns is to tackle the housing crisis in Oxford in a way that ensures adequate infrastructure and minimizes the impact on green space. Oxford Greens disagreed with the Northern Gateway proposal, but since it is going ahead they have contributed to the consultation process. Sarah is very concerned about the County Council's savage cuts to vital services and supported the Greens' call for an increase in tax.

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