Miranda Shaw, Green Party candidate for Headington and Quarry


I am 30, I grew up in Oxford and returned after getting a degree in Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford. I have been back in Oxford since 2010 where I currently teach the violin and campaign locally on food and housing. I am a founding member of the Oxford Food Surplus cafe and I am very passionate about supporting people to have enough to eat and a place to live as these are things that I haven't always been privileged enough to have and are basic human rights that we should be able to provide.

If I am elected, I intend to listen to what people in the community want and to act on behalf of you in local council. I care passionately about supporting people to fight for what we want and to support and protect people before profit. I will fight for our services - especially in fighting the cuts to essential services that are affecting women, children, disabled, elderly and vulnerable people of all ages. I would also look at ways to improve air quality in Oxford more broadly. I believe very strongly in building stronger communities and in reducing crime through listening to the needs of people rather than just punishing people where there are complex issues.

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