John Haywood, Activist in Oxfordshire Green Party

John Haywood is a 66 year old retired Director of Student Services at the University of Northampton and has lived in Banbury for 31 years and for 20 years taught and managed student services and tutoring support at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Banbury. He has been Vice Chairman of a local secondary school and used to represent Neithrop as a Labour Councillor. He is a Vice Chairman of the Banbury branch of the U3A. He is Fundraising Officer for  for the local branch of Samaritans.

John believes the radical social and economic as well as the environmental policies of the Green Party are essential to create a more equal and safe society and hopes his broad experience can contribute to the development of a sustainable local economy. “I believe the Green Party’s radical social, economic and environmental policies are what the country needs. We must oppose Conservative plans to destroy public services. People need to say NO to Austerity and YES to Welfare.”

Retired Director of Student Services at Northampton University, and teacher at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Banbury