Dick Wolff, councillor for St. Mary's

Dick has lived in Oxford since 1995, is 64 years old and has two adult children. His wife is a retired primary school teacher. After a career as a graduate mining engineer and a year as a youth worker in inner-city Liverpool, Dick read theology at Mansfield College and was ordained as a United Reformed Church minister in 1981. For ten years he served as a church 'ambassador' in the world of industry and the local economy, working from Coventry Cathedral; he currrently serves churches in Risinghurst and Cowley. Elected a city councillor in 2010, Dick is a member of the County's Advisory Committee on Religious Education. A keen musician, he leads a local ceilidh band and folk group.

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    Save Oxford from Tory rule

    Tory-run Oxfordshire County Council have published proposals which would see Oxford City Council abolished, along with the four neighbouring district councils, and replaced with a new Countywide Council. The 'One Oxfordshire' (see www.oneoxfordshire.org) proposals, labelled as 'crazy' by Green County Councillor David Williams, are also backed by Labour and LibDem County Councillors who seem to have fallen in line with the Tories.

    No one can say for certain what changes a Tory-run Council would make to the City. However, historically the County Conservatives have not supported a number of policies which have been backed by the people of Oxford and its councillors, for example, policies on affordable housing, homelessness, the Oxford Living Wage and climate change.

    SaveOxToryRule.jpgThey have also taken a very different approach to how the council provide services. Whereas Oxford has continued to operate its own services and held on to its assets, the County Conservatives have chosen to privatise services and sell-off assets. This means that as Government funding has reduced Oxford has not suffered any serious service cuts or redundancies in recent years.

    Of course, Oxford City Council is not perfect but it is far more accountable and far more reflective of the electorate it serves than the Conservative majority that pervades the rest of the County.

    Luckily there is still time to oppose One Oxfordshire as the proposals are out for consultation* (until end February 2017). Sign our petition and let the Tories, Labour and LibDem Councillors on Oxfordshire County Council know that you do not want to see Oxford City Council abolished and Oxford ruled by Tories.

     *You can also respond directly to the online consultation here - www.oneoxfordshire.org/get-involved

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    We are opposed to the One Oxfordshire proposal that will replace local councils with a large distant bureaucracy covering the whole of Oxfordshire, which will not reflect the diversity of the county.
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    Larry Sanders is the best candidate for Witney

    Will you vote for Larry?
    About Larry Sanders
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    Larry Sanders was the Green Party candidate for the Witney constituency by-election on 20 October 2016. He came fourth, beating UKIP into fifth place.

    We live in the most unequal society in Europe. After by more than 40 years of government by the by the Establishment parties, the rich are richer while times remain tough for the rest of us. The gap between the rich and the rest has widened in health, education, housing, pensions and even years of life.

    Larry has lived in Oxfordshire since 1969. He is the Green Party Spokesperson on health and social care and was leader of the Oxfordshire County Council Green Group. He has been working for people with disabilities and their carers for the past 20 years. He fought to save Witney Community Hospital in the 1990s, and is fighting to save it again, along with the community hospital in Chipping Norton.

    Born in New York in 1935, Larry studied economics at CUNY, social work at Oxford and holds a law doctorate from Harvard. Larry has been active in the presidential campaign of his brother, Bernie Sanders, and stands on a similar platform. See Bernie's endorsement below, then endorse Larry yourself.

    Larry Sanders is the best candidate for Witney.


  • Get involved in the City's Local Plan Review

    A process has begun for reviewing Oxford City Council's Local Plan : bringing a number of planning documents (Core Strategy, Sites & Housing Plan, various Area Action Plans etc) into one document. By August next year the responses will have been whittled down to a 'preferred options' document, so the initial open-ended consultation which runs till August 5th is the main opportunity to highlight things that are outdated or not working from the existing policies and insert new ideas.  It is hoped that the final policy document will be signed off by the Inspectorate in 2019, and from that point all planning approvals will have to be in accordance with that policy.

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    Join a support team

    join us cartoonIn 2013 each ward campaign team had to do everything for themselves.

    For the 2014 elections, we are setting up central teams to help them with the tasks that everyone has to do.

    This will reduce duplication of effort, and make it easier for candidates to concentrate on their local area.

    We need volunteers to help with fundraising, volunteer organising, communications and data. You will put together advice and documents this year, to be used by the teams in each ward from January.

    If you can help in any of the following areas, please sign up.

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East Oxford Green Party city councillor. United Reformed Church minister. English trad folk musician.