Headington by-election

19 July 2019: Ray Hitchins is standing for Oxford City Council in Headington.

You sign up to help in Headington. No experience necessary. Training provided. Come along on an action day, listed on our events page.


Fighting: Homelessness

Fighting: Toxic Air

Fighting: BREXIT

▶ Campaigning against the closure of City Centre homeless hostels ▶ Overturning Council's proposed PSPO targeting the homeless ▶ Fighting Council's proposed £2,500 fines on the homeless ▶ Forcing senior Labour Councillor to applogise for branding rough sleepers a disgrace

▶ St. Clement's: most poluted street in Oxford ▶ Air pollution limits breached repeatedly ▶ EIGHTY early deaths each year ▶ Pushing ZERO emmission zone expansion ▶ Demanding more innovative public transport solutions

▶ BREXIT will be devastating for Oxford ▶ Voted against Triggering Article 50 ▶ Support a public vote on the final deal ▶ Fighting to stay in the EU ▶ Caroline Lucas - I fear that on immigration the people have been sold snake oil

Protecting: The Environment

Protecting: A Healthy Democracy

Protecting: Community Facilities

▶ Greens have the most rational approach sustaining the Environment ▶ Pushing to make Oxford a city fit for people's health ▶ Green Councilors voted against the council proposals to expand an unneeded Park and Ride ▶ Campaining for cleaner, greener and healthier towns, cities and villages for us all

▶ The Green Party does not operate a party whip ▶ Green Councilors are accountable to their constituents, not the party ▶ Green Councilors provide a ballanced view, Say No, to a one party state ▶ The green party believe every vote should be equal

▶ Say NO, to bulldozing East Oxford Community Center ▶ Say NO, to bulldozing East Oxford Games Hall ▶ Say NO, to bulldozing Film Oxford building (Catherine St)Greens have a better plan