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    Printer training session

    Learn how to print leaflets at a training session - ready for the May 2018 campaigns.

    We printed and delivered 10,000 leaflets for the general election on our own Riso printer. Over the next 4 months we will need to print thousands of leaflets and posters to show to voters how electing more Green councillors will make a difference.

    To do that, we need more trained volunteers.

    You will learn how to run machines that print and fold 100 pages/minute.

    Please sign up for a training session.

    (Postponed to a weekend, as that is more convenient for most people. Please RSVP.)

    February 17, 2018 at 4:30pm
    Oxford Green Party print shed
    United Kingdom
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    Elections for posts are in the agenda.

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    Don't trust other parties. To vote for the future of your children, vote Green.

    2,116 VOTES FOUND
    12,000 votes
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    Printing leaflets

    How can I help print and fold the leaflets we deliver to voters in Oxfordshire? How can I get training in operating our printer?


    We printed and delivered 10,000 leaflets for the Witney by-election on our own Riso printer in October. Between now and 8 June we will need to print thousands of leaflets and posters for our General Election campaigns in Oxfordshire.

    To do that, we need volunteers. Thanks to your help, we can reach twice as many households for the same cost. We can print leaflets at 2 p each - as long as we have volunteers trained to run a machine that prints 100 pages/minute.

    The printing machine is in the shed of a generous Green Party member, behind 13 Coniston Avenue, Oxford OX3 0AN.

    Sign up for a printing shift

    Leave a comment if you need training. An experienced printer operator will show you how to run our printer and folding machine.

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    Send me Green Party posters

    100 donors

    If you cannot collect a poster at a Green Party stall, you can order Green Party posters here.


    No. A4 A3
    1  £1.00  £1.50
    5  £2.00  £3.00
    10  £3.50 £5.00 

    Or you can make a larger donation to our General Election campaign.


  • published Elections 2017-04-05 20:32:16 +0100

    Elections in Oxfordshire

    The 2017 General Election

    We are proud to support our candidates in five Oxfordshire constituencies for the General Election on Thursday 8th June 2017:


    Ian Middleton 



    Robin Bennett


    Oxford East: 

    Larry Sanders



    Sue Ap-Roberts





    Claire Lasko


    In Oxford West and Abingdon, Cheryl Briggs is standing aside: we are pushing a progressive alliance here and recommend that Green voters in this constituency consider giving Layla Moran of the Liberal Democrats their vote to try and prevent a Conservative victory in this key marginal seat.

    Read our leaflet to find out why the Greens stood aside in Oxford West and Abingdon.

    Layla has made assurances of support to promote several policy areas important to Greens. These included opposition to further privatisation of public services and the NHS, opposition to fracking, support for LGBTIQA+ rights, and support for voting reform (proportional representation).


    What does the Green Party Stand for?

    Check out our local policies and our national policies.


  • wants to volunteer 2017-03-01 13:08:51 +0000

    Phone for the Green Party

    You can help us campaign to win in Oxfordshire by telephoning people. We need people to:

    • Invite supporters who have offered to help to come to action days.
    • Talk to new members to find out what they would like to do.
    • Call voters in places we cannot reach, such as rural villages and blocks of flats, to find out whether they might vote green.
    • Ask for regular donations so we can build the party and extend our campaigns.

    If you would like to help, even if only for 30 min. each week, please fill in this form to join our virtual call centre.

    Become a volunteer

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    Contact Larry

    Larry Sanders at HomeIf you have a question for Larry Sanders, Green Party candidate for the Witney by-election on 20 October, please fill in the form below.

    To donate or volunteer click the buttons on the right, or sign up for a Larry for Witney event.

    Email: larry@greenoxfordshire.com
    Phone: 01993 460014
    Campaign office: Hexagon Business Centre, Avenue Four, Station Lane, Witney (opposite Sainsburys).


    Send question

  • canceled their pledge of support 2016-10-14 19:47:11 +0100

    Will you vote for Larry?

    The green party has pledged to make britain fairer and less divided. We can do better.

    Witney needs

    • a rail line to end the A40 gridlock that cripples our economic and social life
    • the right housing in the right place: affordable homes that don’t harm the environment
    • an end to NHS cuts and hospital closures
    • an end to the pointless cruelty of austerity. We should borrow cheaply to invest in schools, children’s centres, day centres, libraries, andmaintain roads and pavements
    • a decent rural bus service
    • decent prospects for our young people
    • a comfortable retirement for our old people

    Larry Sanders' priorities

    • reduce unemployment and underemployment
    • reverse privatisation of the NHS and fund it properly
    • make social care free at the point of need
    • introduce proportional representation so that all votes count
    • ensure the richest individuals and corporations pay their full taxes
    • introduce a minimum wage of £10 an hour
    • end tuition fees
    • restore maintenance grants for students and apprentices
    • introducing rent controls to ensure better security for tenants
    • invest in renewables and building insulation to fight climate change for the sake of our children and grandchildren

    How can we afford this?

    The Bank of England has created hundreds of billions of pounds in the last eight years for the banks. We should invest at
    least some of this in essential infrastructure and services to create real wealth. This way, we could have a world class quality of life for all citizens.

    In Oxfordshire, the Green Party councillors produced an alternative budget that would have protected £7 million investment in the people of Oxfordshire, including rural bus services, all the childrens centres and adult social care, at a cost of 74 p/week increase in council tax. All the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat county councillors voted against the Green budget and for the cuts.

    The Greens are the alternative
    Vote Larry Sanders on 20 October

    Pledge your vote

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  • commented on Greens seek three unitaries for Oxfordshire 2016-09-11 13:36:09 +0100
    Also, note that there are only 2 Green Oxfordshire County councillors and 4 on the city council. Decisions are not made by online commentators or letter writers, but by elected councillors. We need to get more Green Party councillors elected in the 2017 County Council election. Larger groups have more influence, particularly when they have the balance of power.

    This spring I came across a Lib. Dem. supporter who committed to speaking to 1000 voters on the doorstep each election. How much support do you give to Green Party election campaigns? Could you manage 2 hours/week? Click on Volunteer and sign up.

  • commented on 2017 candidate selection ballot 2016-08-02 22:14:57 +0100
    The Elections Committee doesn’t make the final decisions. But it is tasked with the hard work to evaluate the information collected on each division and make recommendations. Members and supporters can help us find out more about the divisions, from their local knowledge and surveys.

    In previous years we have blithely gone up against a really strong Labour or Lib. Dem. campaign for a popular candidate and lost. We need to be smarter than them.

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    Ever thought of standing for election?

    We need more Green councillors in Oxfordshire. Could you follow in the footsteps of our 4 Green Party councillors in Oxford, and stand for election? You could improve the quality of our councils by representing the people and views that the governing parties ignore.

    Or you could help organise events and campaigns in your ward. Could you get local people to come out and join the campaign?

    In May 2018 there will be elections for Oxford City and Cherwell and West Oxfordshire district councils. Then in 2019 there are all out elections for South Oxfordshire and the Vale of the White Horse district councils. And there could be a General Election to Parliament in a year or two.

    We need candidates to start right now, preparing for the elections in May 2018 and 2019. Voters like to vote for people they have heard from over time, rather than those who just turn up in the last few weeks.

    We are arranging meets the councillors sessions, where you can find out what Green city, town and parish councillors do and how they got elected. To find out more, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

    What you need to do to stand as a candidate

    Do you want to win, or just to stand? If you just want to give people in your area a chance to vote Green, rather than being forced to vote for a worse party, you just need to get your name on the ballot paper. On the other hand, if you want to help people as an elected councillor, you need to run a serious campaign as a candidate in a target seat. 

    Non-target candidates

    There are places where we cannot win in the next election. It takes time to grow the Green Party in a ward until there are enough local supporters to run a campaign to win. In those areas we need a candidate to stand, while a ward organiser can run a few events and campaigns on local issues until the Green Party and the candidate are better known.

    All you need to do as a non-target candidate is:

    1. Get nominated. You need to get 10 voters in your ward to sign a form saying they think you should be allowed to stand. They don't need to vote for you, or be Green supporters. They can be friends, family, or just neighbours.
    2. Supply a photograph suitable for the web site and the Oxford Times.
    3. Write a short election statement for the web site. A bit about yourself, and a bit about what you would do if elected.

    If you are interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

    Target candidates

    There are a number of seats where we have won, or came close to winning in the past. If you don't know what a councillor does, take at look at this councillor role description.

    Obviously, such a campaign needs more work than just getting nominated. Candidates are expected to take an active role in their election campaign, including:

    • building a campaign team, including a campaign manager, and senior roles to manage volunteers, publicity, data and fundraising,
    • producing a campaign plan,
    • talking to hundreds of voters on the doorstep and at other events,
    • taking part in campaign team decisions, including campaign messages,
    • responding to voters questions and concerns.
    Candidates selected for target seats who commit to work hard enough to win will get support from the Oxfordshire Green Party, including guidance, opportunities for training and mentoring, technical support and funding.

    We are committed to supporting people stand for election. If you have support needs to allow you to stand for election—from childcare to disability support needs—please discuss these with us soon so we can arrange support. Being in the Green Party means we are committed to work as a team, no one has to do anything alone, we will find a way to help in any aspect of campaigning and when people become Councillors.

    Act now

    If you are at all interested in standing as a candidate, or helping organise a campaign for a candidate, please complete the form below, and I will get back to you with more details. Target candidates will be required to complete a questionnaire on their suitability as a candidate, and their plans for their campaign by 15 October 2017, then turn up at selection meeting with hustings.

    If you want any more information on what is involved in standing as candidate, please contact the Elections Co-ordinator, David Newman.

    Become a volunteer

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  • signed Housing petition 2014-10-21 16:22:42 +0100

    Housing crisis petition

    Oxford is now the most unaffordable place to live in the UK. Houses cost more than 11 times average wages. The country and Oxford's council have a housing crisis on their hands.

    Too often, people paying rent get poor service from rogue agencies and landlords. Greens want to take action to drive up standards in rented housing and to tackle the burden of rent.

    We believe that access to housing is a human right—the council must do more to meet the housing needs of people in Oxford. Greens support increasing the number of council and social homes available to those who need them.

    No council houses have been completed in the last year in Oxford. So when suitable houses become available on the local market, Oxford City Council should purchase them to increase the council housing stock.

    27 signatures


    We demand that Oxford City Council use some of the £10m it has set aside to buy properties for use as Council housing to purchase the Crown House Club on the corner of Crown Street and St Mary’s Road in East Oxford. The Council could then provide 4 flats for immediate rent and a potential additional 5 flats for rent once the non-residential parts of the building are converted for residential use.

    We believe the £1m price tag for the Crown House Club, and the potential to create up to 9 Council housing units in an area of housing need, presents excellent value for money for the City Council. With a constant decline in social housing available in the city, it would be a travesty to pass on such a good opportunity to increase the Council's housing stock.

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Elections co-ordinator for the Oxfordshire Green Party.