Craig Simmons, Green Party candidate for St. Mary's


I was first elected to Oxfordshire County Council in 1997, successfully holding our first County Council seat which had previously been held by Caroline Lucas. I served as a County Councillor for 12 years, standing down in 2009.  I was first elected as a City Councillor in 2002 serving for 8 years.  Following an intended 2 year break, I returned as a City Councillor in 2012.

As a Councillor, I have served the people of East Oxford for more than 20 years. I am widely respected across the political spectrum and currently chair two major Council committees, Finance and Scrutiny, having been elected to these roles by Green, Labour and Lib Dem Councillors.  Chairing the Scrutiny Committee means that Greens have a significant influence on Council decisions.  Chairing the Finance Committee means that Greens have a direct and noticeable influence on the Council City budget. For example, during my time as Chair, Oxford became the first  Council in the UK to divest from fossil fuels.  

I have a long history of community campaigning and was a founding member of Cowley Road Carnival, Low Carbon East Oxford, the East Oxford Farmers’ Market, and the local Car Club.

I live and work in my Ward and am a Director of a global sustainability consultancy.

I am is currently Leader of the City Council’s Green Councillors Group and was Deputy Lord Mayor from 2014-15.

I want to continue as a City Councillor because there is still so much to do to make Oxford a fairer and more sustainable city.

What will you do when elected?

When elected I will continue to:

  • Speak up against privatisation of public services such as the NHS
  • Push for more affordable homes and fairer rents
  • Propose practical alternatives to Council austerity cuts
  • Reduce Oxford’s carbon footprint
  • Improve safety for cyclists & pedestrians
  • Campaign to save community facilities
  • Support small, local businesses
  • Oppose new council policies that victimise boaters, buskers & the homeless
  • Work to make Oxford a welcoming city for all.


“Craig is dedicated to the people of East Oxford and the City itself. His energy and financial expertise is a great asset. Fairness and compassion are at the heart of everything he does.”
- Matt Morton, former local Councillor

“I'll be voting for Craig because he's an experienced and committed representative of the residents of East Oxford. He's both compassionate and professional, consistent and reliable.”
- A. Stonor, Temple Street

"Craig is well-respected across the political spectrum - he is an outstanding local Councillor"
- A. Packer, Bannister Close

“Craig is a conscientious and active local Councillor who listens to, and works hard to care for, people in the community.”
- J. Ingram, Stanley Road

“Craig is always hard at work making East Oxford a better place to live, and keeping it sustainable. “
- C. Gugenheim, Henley Street

“Thank you for resolving a longstanding overdue repair issue for me. This was resolved within a few days of me contacting you and I am very happy with the outcome. You will definitely receive my vote in the coming council elections.”
- C. Blacker, St. Mary’s Road

“Craig understands and supports local needs, why would you vote for anyone else?”
- A. Dawson, Bullingdon Road

"Craig works hard all year round - the only time you see the other parties is at election time!"
- Dr. M. MacFarlane, Hurst Street

"Another Labour Councillor won't make a difference. I'll be voting Green."
- C. Sillero, James Street

“On a personal basis, I support Craig, as I know him to be a hardworking and straight-talking Councillor… I am always impressed to see him working so tirelessly for the residents he represents.”
- S. Chandler, Magdalen Road

“We have found Craig to be a brilliant reliable councillor. He works at the heart of community and always finds intelligent and effective solutions to any issue. We could not endorse him more.”
- H. Evans & S. Barker, Stanley Road

"Craig is an excellent Councillor; hard-working and diligent. Since the Greens were elected this area has seen huge improvements. I will be voting Green."
- V. Houillon, St. Mary’s Road

“The vulnerable and disadvantaged need a strong voice. Craig is that voice. Craig works tirelessly for the local community: he is committed, conscientious, and fearless.”
- Professor A. Linzey, Iffley Road

“Without Craig’s intervention, I would now be homeless. I am forever grateful”
- G. Kirby, Leopold Street


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